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South Risk’s culture is all about the relationships

Monday, October 5th, 2020

Sometimes folks at the top of the major leagues of the insurance business can’t wait to come to Columbia and work with South Risk.

That’s because there’s one thing they don’t have at the bigger firms: a team that is totally dedicated to individualized service to clients.

What it’s all about

That’s what it’s about at South Risk. The founding partners had experience at the big brokerages. And that’s why they decided to start something different, a company of independent brokers with a very different sort of culture.

“Here at South Risk, we are not motivated by shareholder returns,” says Founding Partner J. Patrick McKain. People at SRM aren’t serving private-equity interests at some corporate headquarters at the other end of the country. “All of our decisions are made here locally, and everybody here at South Risk has a voice in those decisions.”

“We’re part of the community,” says fellow Founding Partner Tripp Hafner. “We get out, we’re very visible. Our accounts are more than just customers; they become friends.”

‘We take out the layers’

“I believe what sets South Risk Management apart is that we’re relationship-driven, from top to bottom,” says David Wells, another of our founding partners. “We allow producers to operate without all the layers that so many of us have experienced in our past lives. We believe that what we have here is special.”

It’s very personal. Very relationship-driven.

“We take out the layers,” David says. “If you purchase insurance from me, or any one of the folks working here, the relationship needs to be with me and our service team. You don’t need to talk with five or six people. And I truly believe that separates us from our competition.”

We’re all part of the same team

Business owners don’t need to spend time thinking about things that are not core to their operations, such as finding the right insurance policies, or dealing with surety, or figuring out the complexities of employee benefits.

We take care of that for them. As partners. As part of the same team.

And it’s not just about the relationship with the client. The personal touch goes the other way as well – with the insurance carriers.

“You’re only as good as your carrier relationship,” says W.D. Morris, also a founding partner. “We… know everybody from the field guys, the claims guys, all the way to the home-office folks.” SRM understands “what they want from us as an agency, and how we can grow with them to service our clients.”

We’re not about selling a shelf full of products. As we say repeatedly on our website, if you don’t see the specific kind of insurance you’re looking for, contact one of us anyway. Because we’re on your team. And it’s all about what you need.